Track is available in Premium or Demo Version.
For a quote on the premium version please contact us via the Contact page.
The Demo version can be obtain in the Downloads page.

Premium Version

Track provides accurate, real-time graphical visualisation and analysis of spacecraft in orbit.

Spacecraft Visualisation Features

  • Spacecraft: Spacecraft's position orbiting
  • Constellations: Support for multiple spacecrafts
  • Attitude: Realistic representation of spacecraft attitude
  • Field of View: Field of View cones/pyramids oriented with the spacecraft's instruments (i.e. Antennas, Sensors, etc.)
  • Swath Path: Swath path for instruments
  • Ground Stations: Visual Representation of Ground Stations
  • 3D models: COLLADA 3D Model support

Orbit Visualisation and propagation

  • Orbit and Ground Track: Spacecraft's Future/Past Orbit and ground Tracking
  • Ground Station Visibility Area: Ground Station visibility area
  • Acquisition/Loss of Signal: Determination of future AOS and LOS events
  • Eclipse Condition Determination: Determination of eclipse conditions
  • Relay messages: Visualisation of communication between multiple spacecraft or between groundstations and spacecraft

Coming soon:

  • Manoeuvres: Plan Manoeuvres and Burns
  • Recording: Records live feed (from simulators and MCS) and replays it

Data Sources

Track supports data comming from:

  • CCS5
  • SIMSAT Simulators
  • OEM files
  • TLE files

More to come soon!

Demo Version

Track's free demo version provides accurate, real-time graphical visualisation and analysis of spacecraft in orbit with a few limitation described below.

Demo Visualisation Features

  • One Spacecraft: Support for a single orbiting spacecraft
  • No Constellations: No constellation support
  • Field of View: Field of View limited to one instrument
  • One Swath Path: Swath path for one instrument
  • One Ground Station: Visual Representation of one Ground Station

Orbit Visualisation and propagation

  • One Spacecraft: Limited to a single spacecraft with a single instrument and one ground station


Track Demo is limited to the following data sources:

  • OEM files
  • TLE files