Real-time graphical visualization and analysis of Spacecraft data.
Created by Terma.


Track provides accurate, real-time graphical visualisation and analysis of spacecraft in orbit around the Earth and ground stations.
Based on the NASA Worldwind Framework and using Orekit Flight Dynamics Library, Track allows users to quickly and easily visualise their most critical mission data.
From it's extended suite of features, Track allows an overview of spacecraft orbits from different data sources (e.g. Real-time Telemetry , Spacecraft simulators or files) as well as perform orbit event determination such as ground station AOS/LOS or eclipses. Track is compatible with the Terma's Spacecraft Control System T-scs5 and Central Checkout System T-ccs5 products.

Download the Track Data Sheet

Papers and Talks

  • [SpaceOps 2016] A 3D Visualization for Operational Simulators